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My wife and I were in the Galapagos Islands - for us, a once in a lifetime experience. I made the bonehead move of the year when I went snorkelling with my Pentax S5 in the pocket of my swim trunks! The camera was ruined and I thought the 130+ pictures (and avi's) were lost. I tries two other recovery programs to no avail. Amazingly, Flash File Recovery recevered everything! We can't thank you enough.

Robb Overdorf, Illinois

A few days ago, working under Windows XP, I lost my "profile" and at the same time one years worth of photos. Not all were backed-up on CD. I'm sure you can understand my frustration then. After having downloaded several file recovery utilities, "Flash File Recovery" was the only one to do a good job on the hard drive. I even scanned the camera's SD card to recover photos that were taken months ago. Thanks to panterasoft, I've recovered over 1500 photos.

Paul, Belgium

Thank you for this program! I'm happy now that I don't have to be afraid of losing my photos. About two weeks ago, my Canon camera said there were problems with CF card and it had to be formatted. I was disappointed because it was where all my photos from my trip to Atlanta were located. Fortunately, I found Flash File Recovery and have restored all my photos.

Mike from Florida

We are a very busy Internet Cafe in Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia. yesterday we had a very distraught family who have travelled through Canada, New Zealand and Southern Australia prior to coming into Airlie Beach. All of their Holiday photos were on a 512mb SD Card and the card developed a problem whilst in the region. When we placed the card in our reader Norton Anti-Virus had an absolute fit. Multiple virus infections rampant through the card. Needless to say I wasn't very confident of being able to help them. The Elderly mother broke down in tears as she explained that she had saved for many years to take her family on this around the world trip. Once I had manged to isolate and contain the virus the card refused to display any photos bar one. hmmmmm not good!

We have used Winhex and a variety of other programmes but all of them had performed unsatisfactorily when I really needed to get the job done. By chance I had downloaded a demo of your software the day before and I decided to give it a try. First go... all the photos were up and visible. I whipped out the credit card and within the hour I had recovered all of there photos and burnt them safely to CD.

many thanks again for this great programme and it was wonderful to watch this beautiful elderly woman burst into tears with happiness.

Thanks again

Andy Carey, Australia

My little daughter "killed" some of our pictures on our camera. My cousin advised me to try Flash File Recovery and restore the photos. I restored them all, and found some other very old pictures on my camera. I was really surprised because I had lost these pictures on my PC before. Thank you!

Sarah from New-Port

I was very disappointed when my girlfriend deleted all pictures from my Nikon. They were pictures of my best friend's wedding. The program from Pantera Soft really worked. I restored my photos and plan to never let my girlfriend borrow my camera ever again. :J


My camera was out of power and something happened with my Secure Digital Card - it didn't show any shots. With your program, I restored all my photos. ThanX!

Rick from New-York

I gave my camera to my friend for the holiday, but they deleted all photos unintentionally when they copied their pictures to the laptop. It was so sad, because I had my own pictures on the card. Thanks to my companion that he opened up Flash File Recovery for me and restored the pictures.


Very often I give my camera to my friends. They take pictures of themselves and than give it back to me. I don't remember where I found Flash File Recovery, but it became very interesting for me to look at my friend's photos - don't tell me that it is very bad, I know. But now, I know a lot about my friends - FFR is a very good program ;)

Franz from Germany

My parents do not like to have pictures taken of them by the camera. Every time I take them, they ask me to erase all the pictures. Of course I do it, but now with Flash File Recovery, every time I restore their pictures on to my PC. Now I can make a small photo album for my parents about them, I think they will be happy to see it. I hope so.


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