PANTERASoft Watermark Editor

new! Keep your online and shared photos safe! Protect them with Watermark Editor so noone can stole your copyrighted content.

We all like to make photos. Our kids and family, pets or our holiday photos. We all like to share them using Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Blogs. But noone like to find their photos used by another people without our permission!

And we made a simple and powerfull solution - our Watermark Editor. In a few clicks you will protect your photos before share them and you can be sure that nobody will use them without asking us. And know what? It is FREE. You can download it right now and start protecting your pictures!

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watermarking tool main window

Fast and simple

Protect your photos in just a few clicks

Very light and powerfull

You can easily change watermark properties with friendly wizard

Copy protection

It is almost impossible to remove watermark without damaging the picture content

Any picture

Our tool supports a lot of picture formats including JPEG and PNG, such as GIF, TIFF, TGA and lots more

Instant results

Get your watermarked photos instantly and share them safely.

No cost

It is freeware